Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kenyan Kikuyu Love Songs

Love is in the air, or so they say. You will love the way Kikuyu Singers express it in their works. Here is a list of my best.
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1. Hoya Wendo By John DeMathew. "Ask me for love", that's what the singer is telling his lover. The chorus says it all; (translated)
 if you want silver, go get it in the ores
if you want to know God, go read the Bible
if you want snow, go on top of the mountain
...and if you need love, ask me and I will give you

here is "Hoya Wendo" video as posted on the wonderful YouTube

2. Njata Yakwa by Jimmy Wayuni and Queen Jane(R.I.P). Jimmy Wayuni collaborates with Queen Jane to give us this sweet song. The chorus says this; (translated)

My lover, I love you with love that is in the blood
I love you, I love you, my shinning star.

This song is not available freely on the web. But you can buy and download it on KenTunes, an online Kenyan Music download shop. This Link will take you directly to "Njata Yakwa" item on the glossary page.

3. Njata Yakwa by John Demathew. mhh! it seems  like the stars are full of love. If you are asking why, "Njata" is Kikuyu for star, and as you can see here goes the second song on the list with this title. The singer is referring to his lover and wife. The chorus goes like this; (Translated)

You are my only star, DeMathew's rib (DeMathew is the singer)
all others are a "mob", you  are my only happiness( or only you makes me Happy)

here is "Njata Yakwa" as posted on the wonderful YouTube

4. Gacheri by Peter Kigia. The singer tells's his lover that he isn't faking tears, he is crying for real because of her wonderful love.
Here is the song as posted on the wonderful YouTube.

That's all for now, but since its endless, please check back later for more. Please continue to support Kenyan Music. 
(To request lyrics or more on these songs, please email us at or leave us a comment below this post)

Favorite/Best Kikuyu Songs

Kikuyu music is just great. The talents, passion and hard work exposed by Kikuyu songwriters and singers are very inspiring and entertaining. Some are funny, some are sad, but the best thing about Kikuyu songs is that there is always a good message in the song.
One of my favorite songs comes from Peter Kigia. Oh! yes. "Reke Tumanwo", that hit about friends going separate ways with a friend, that each is on his/her own and take own burden. The if you haven't listened to the song, here is the video as posted on the wonderful YouTube.
Below is a list of my favorite Kenyan Kikuyu songs.
Kiomboyo by Francis Rugwiti Kiomboyo YouTube
Diana by Sammy Muraya YouTube Video
Njata Yakwa and Nduku by John DeMathew Nduku YouTubeNjata Yakwa YouTube
Muhiki wa Mikosi by Joseph Kamaru Muhiki wa Mikosi YouTube
Wi Sumu by Timona Mburu Wi Sumu YouTube
Mariru, Mumunya, Nindaguteire, and Hurry Hurry Waithera by Albert Gacheru Albert Gacheru YouTube

Muturire, Tukamukira Hinya, Materetha, Migwi, Ndaikitio Nyuguto by Jane Muthoni Jane Muthoni YouTube
He cia Kuigana by Joseph Wainaina He Cia Kuigana YouTube

.....and many more. Continue supporting Kenyan Music.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where to Find The best Kikuyu and other Kenyan Music

You can watch and listen to a whole lot of Kikuyu Music freely on the internet. Of course YouTube is the leading source where you can watch and listen free music from all over the world. You can visit the site here and simply type the song you want on the search box. Another such source is EA SAWA, which provides a variety of East African Music. Click here to visit the site and view a range of good Kenyan, Ugandan and Tanzanian Music, including Bongo, Genge, and Zilizopendwa. You can view a mix of Kikuyu secular and dance songs here, Where you get a chance to listen and watch music by famous Kikuyu hits such as Mariru, Nindaguteire,  by Albert Gacheru, or Sammy Muraya's Joyce Waithera, Diana, and others.

However the songs available at the free sites are just a touch of the wide variety of Kenyan Hit Songs. There is a   lot of other all time hits that you cannot get on these sites. For example it is almost impossible to get songs by Jimmy Wayuni, DK, CDM Kiratu and other hits by Sammy Muraya and Albert Gacheru, etc freely. But worry not because you can get these songs for cheap prices at online music shops such as Amazon or KenTunes. Here you will find hits such as Airitu a Ruiru by Jimmy Wayuni, Ino ni Thi by CDM Kiratu, Mwigerekanio by Musaimo, and Ritwa Muthee by DK among others. Click here to visit KenTunes, or here to visit Amazon.